Specific driving directions from Zion NP to Arches NP!

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Feb 7, 2019
I?m touring Utah in September visiting all National Parks. I have spoken with UDOT and Utah Dept. of Tourism regarding travel routes and have been given several options. I would like some advice as to best route,, switchbacks, tunnels and narrow roads. I?m driving a Ram 3500  Dually pulling a 41 foot Jayco Pinnacle. It is 13?8? high.

I have been told that there are several steep grades headed east to Arches as well as a narrow winding section near Torrey UT.  So, if there are experienced UTAH travelers who could share your wisdom and experience I would greatly appreciate you guidance. Thank you ahead of time.
I am driving to Arches from the Northwest (Oregon).  I decided to use RVTripWizard which does a decent job of showing the route including obstructions and road elevation.  It can estimate drive time based on Google Maps.  This is how I decided I wanted to take our Class A from St. Lake down near Moab.

I hope this helps .. I'd love to hear more about the trip.  We hope to make it further south to Zion, Monument, and Grand Canyon next year.

We did that just last summer - 34 ft. Class A and TOAD.  US 89 north to I-70 East to US 191 South.  We stay in RV parks outside the N. Parks and use the toad for the visits.
Assuming you are going point A to point B and don't have the time/interest to see the places in between, take I-15 to I-70 to US-191 and south to Arches. 

Watch out for the steep down grade on I-70 about 40-50 miles west of Green River.  It is down grade of about 7%.  The Interstate is nice, wide and open.  No curves to slow down for.  Hit the top of the down grade at 65-70 mph it is easy to not be able to get your speed down and loose control.  There are plenty of warning signs.  Slow down to 45-50mph, manually downshift 1-2 gears and let the engine braking keep you at 40-50mph. 

Taking SR-12 from Bryce Canyon to Torrey is a beautiful drive with lots to stop and see along the way.  SR-12 is a normal width highway with center stripes that lots of rigs your size take every year.  If you have mountain driving experience it is a good route.  If not then take I-15 & I-70.

The I-15 to I-70 to US191 is the route I would recommend. I have taken it many times. The I-70 hills are a maximum of 6% and some of the descents have a 50mph speed limit on trucks. Pay attention to the signs and keep your speed down.
Ditto on SR-12 from Bryce to Torrey absolutely beautiful! Mountain driving is preferred if not just take your time
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