Specific purpose of weep holes

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Nov 9, 2018
Molalla, Oregon
I have a very basic question. I tried searching the forum and found some posts on weep holes but I am still unclear about something.

Do the weep holes drain water from interior moisture to the outside?  Or do they drain exterior water? I have rectangular weep outlets on the bottom ledge of the window on the outside. I have double-pane windows that don't accumulate a lot of moisture on the inside. 

We had our RV windows inspected last fall.  Water had gotten into the wall and we noticed the interior window sill was very damp.  The tech simply took an air can and cleared out the weep hole.  The wall has since dried up.

However, it raises a question about their specific function and I wasn't smart enough to ask the tech last fall.

Thanks in advance.

Water runs down the outside of a window and the track it slides in at the bottom acts as a trough and collects it. Since the window frame slides in that trough, it can?t be made water tight and the weep holes give the water a way back outside. 
The first serious rain in our coach formed an impressive pond between the dash and windshield. Turns out that somebody thought it a good idea to caulk the weephole covers on the copilot side window. (We no longer have weep hole covers.)
Great information.  Now I know what those ?long skinny things? under the windows are.  I?ve noticed a couple that are loose and one missing altogether.

Thanks for helping me to know what to order to repair/replace.
I removed our weep hole covers.  The only weep holes on our coach that had them were the side windows on both sides of the cockpit. Other windows have weep holes, but no covers. I assume from that, that the purpose of the covers is to reduce wind noise and/or prevent whistling while underway. We?ve not noticed either since removing them.
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