State Inspection in North Carolina along I-95

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Feb 26, 2013
East Coast of Maryland
I know this is an old topic but just wanted add an update for those traveling up and down I-95.

There is a place in Gaston, NC which is right near the NC/VA border called Gaston Service Center or as the locals know it as "Turner's Garage II."

The address is 615 GARYSBURG RD, P. O. BOX 1218, GASTON, North Carolina 27832, Ph: (252) 308-1744. or email them at [email protected].  He also has a towing service and his mobile number is (252) 578-7374.

Gray the owner is a great guy and has been there a long time.  He'd prefer you make an appointment but he does do walkin's.  I'd call ahead just to be sure.  usually his wife answers the phone since she pretty much runs the office but it is a great place within 5 miles of the interstate.
Not far from where I live but I do not use them as access and egress are less than satisfactory. 

I use Black Tire at Exit 40 (Fayetteville).  About 2 to 3 miles off I95 on 4-lane road. Lot is large, paved for 18 wheelers and the staff is very efficient.
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