storage sites in Nev., Oregon, Ariz.

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Dean & Linda Stock

Well-known member
Mar 30, 2006
Cypress, California
We are picking up our new motorhome in Nevada on Saturday and we are looking for a temperature-controlled facility in western Arizona, western Nevada, either Vegas, Laughlin, or Tahoe area, or in southern Oregon.  It may not have to be temperature-controlled if it's by Tahoe, Minden, or Gardnerville.

We have been futilely searching on-line and have found tons in California, but we can't bring the coach into Calif. for 12 months.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Betty Brewer

Moderator Emeritus
Mar 10, 2005
Hi Linda,

I have a few numbers of storage facilities  in Yuma.  I'm not sure which ones are climate controlled but a phone call may tell you.

Premier Storage Condos  928 345-1235  I think they may be an "own your own storage facility" but may rent as well.  They are inside storage.

Southwest Security Storage  928 627-0560

Mullis Enterprises 928 783-3361
American Self Storage 928 726-2170
Cactus Storage 928 342-6685
castle Dome Storage 928 329-0678

I got the numbers out of the phone book.  Good luck....

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