Storing TT on grass

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Keith from NS

Nov 23, 2005
I am storing my TT for its first winter and for this year we are leaving it outside.  I live in Nova Scotia, Canada so we get a pretty cold snowy winter. I have it completely winterized. My question is this:  Is there any problem with storing a trailer on top of grass?  Someone told me that storing a trailer on grass could cause moisture problems underneath..(?) .probably moreso in the Fall leading up to the winter and in the Spring after the ground thaws.  Is there any validity to this?  My wife wants me to move the trailer up into the driveway...but then it's going to be in the way of the plow truck.  Your help is appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Keith;
I store my 5th wheel on grass and have not had any moisture problems. I do have wood planks down for the tires to rest on as I believe the tires fare much better not sitting in the moisture of the ground. Otherwise the camper sits through our Montana winter just fine. My camper has a little over a foot clearance from the ground and that seems to be plenty to vent any moisture coming up from the ground. Oh, and of course I have wood blocks down where the landing jacks and stabilizing jacks sit; otherwise I'm sure they would sink into the ground by spring.

John From Detroit

Well-known member
Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
The only problem I know of is you may need to re-seed when you move the trailer to somewhere less grassy
(No problems with the trailer, However the shade may kill the grass off)

Oh yes... In some rare cases (mostly new lawns) there is a chance you may need a bit of help pulling the trailer OFF the grass come spring (Sinks in) but if it is an old lawn... Well,,, I never had a problem.. at least one that was not cured by grass seed in the spring
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