suggestions for trip from Phoenix to N.Oregon coast in the summer

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Feb 27, 2013
We're leaving late July in a class A motor home w/tow enroute from Phoenix to Seattle...suggestions on places to stay along the CA and Oregon coast...any favorites? Thanks for your great ideas, krisb
Coming from the south. first stop could be Brookings Harbor.  Sort of a parking lot, but it is right on the ocean and the views cannot be beat.  From there pick a state park and enjoy.  Next non state park I would suggest is Winchester Bay.  Again right on the water and is probably the nicest park on the coast. prices are decent too.  Then Netarts Bay RV park.  Again on the water with boat rentals for crabbing.  And only about 10 miles from the Tillamook cheese factory.
Would not want to talk you out of going up the coast, but we found the traffic pretty thick on US 101 in Oregon and Washington. We very much liked our stay in Lincoln City at Premier RV Park, but there are many other places along the way, but often pricey when you are near or on the water.

We stayed at Columbia Riverfront, Woodland, WA on the Columbia River, at the Chehalis Reservation in Oakville, in Forks at Forks 101, and in Sequim at Gilgal.

We were not very fond of US 101 up the coast for its width and mostly two lane, but as long as you are not in a rush, it's fine. Lots of trees, lots. We spent June through October on that journey.

But there are many really great places to explore along the coast if you can get loose from the motorhome. July and August are peak traffic times on the coast so plan accordingly and enjoy yourselves!
We've made the trip a couple of times. We enjoy taking 101 up and enjoying the drive; drive 4 hours, stop for 3 nites. Our first must stop is Crescent City at the top end of CA where we stay at Shoreline RV park. Nothing much to look at but if you are in the first row you have an unrestricted view of the ocean from the harbor on the left to the lighthouse on the right. Our other must stop is Silver Spur RV Park in Silverton, OR, about 20 miles east of Salem. It is an Passport America park, great owners and convenient to a lot of interesting places. We've stayed there 2-3 weeks every time. Winchester Bay, OR has a neat harbor, a great lighthouse tour (revisit at nite for the lights) and super oysters. 
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