Suggestions on campgrounds around the NH lakes region?

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Mar 27, 2017
Eastern Massachusetts
I want to find a campground in the lakes region for the month of June next year. I have a 35? 5th wheel 50a.

I realize this time includes bike week and it would be cool if I could bring my bike for that time.

We have been looking and these are places that seemed appropriate.

Newfound RV park (under new management )
Turtle Krawl
Ames Brook
Meredith Woods
Cascade Campground
Twin Tamarack
Tam worth Camping Area
The Bluffs

Does anyone have info on these (Rene?)

Rene T

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May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
Meridith Woods is a real nice campground with huge sites. It?s been several years since I went there. Got too pricey for me. They have a beautiful indoor pool with a huge hot tub. The owner, John Mackee opened it around 1995. I was one of his first rv?er. His father owned one across the street. can?t think of the name of it right now. The dad died a few years ago and I believe John now owns both of them. The dad?s cg is on a lake and people from MW have access to the beach.
In  Conway, there is the Eastern Slope CG, The Beach and the Saco River CG.  All three are on the Saco River. The Beach is known to flood over on a big rain event. The SR is a OK CG. The best one out of all three IMHO, is the Eastern Slope. They have a small pool but they have the River.
My favorite is Danforth Bay in Ossippee. 2 big pools and a beach on a lake. The Bluffs is part off DB. They have a big pool also but if you have kids, you have to go down the DB to swim. The Bluffs is just for adults. I don?t know if you can rent sites at the  Bluffs. I thought people owned most of the sites and at one time you had to have a sponsor to get in. The rules may have changed.

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