Swapping Hensley Arrow

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Oct 22, 2006
I will be calling the company tomorrow but thought I would post the questions here. I have a hensley arrow on a Rockwood 232 and have upgraded to a Rockwood 8315 SS. I am going from 23 to 33 feet and 4000 to 6100 pounds. I know the hitch bar might have to change but the dealer called and said I also need a 2 5/16" ball. Hadn't thought abou that - a trip to Walmart and I have a Reese Ball now. The concern I have is that the new ball has a 1" wide shank (and I got a 2" long shank). I do not recall what size ball is on the Arrow now but I bet it is smaller and does not have a 1" wide shank. Will I run into any surprises?

I also know I might have to upgrade the springs. the new trailer goes at 850 poiunds for tongue weight. I only have 1000 pound bars so give the added weight of the hitch, I am betting I will need the 1400 pound ones. 

Am I missing anything? ... Hopefully, Jarrod will be as helpful as he always been
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