Temporary winter storage

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Nov 17, 2006
North Georgia
Does anyone leave their RV un-winterized but heated with electric?  We plan to use our camper a few times this winter, don't want to winterize.  Our temperatures aren't too bad (a half-dozen nights into the 20s). 

I could leave the trailer plugged in and run the furnace on 50 degrees, but don't really want to use up the propane. 

How about a thermostatically controlled electric heater inside the trailer?  Leave the cabinet doors open to heat the pipes.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.


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Oct 8, 2006
I'm not a gambler when it comes to winterizing or not, besides I don't really want the cost of heating the RV over the winter, as it gets quite cold here.  Instead, I winterize my class 3 and keep it plugged in, but don't hesitate to use it for overnight weekend trips at times over the winter.  I just unplug it and go. I take some bottled water for drinking and use rest stops while travelling.  If I do go south to a nonfreezing climate and use the facilities, I can just re-winterize, as it doesn't really take that long, but I usually don't even do that, opting to "rough it" a bit.  It's easier and cheaper to re-winterize if needed rather than to pay to heat it all winter just to give mice a comfortable place to invade. I'm not one to let the RV sit for many months of the year unused. Portable heaters inside cost money to operate, risk igniting combustibles if inmproperly used, and don't protect the undercarriage dump valves, tanks, etc., so you'll still end up at least partially winterizing.  I always keep a few gallons of the antifreeze on hand.
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