Terry Quantum AX6 5th wheel problem

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Marcel Michaud

New member
Jan 24, 2023
Alberta Canada
I have acquired a 2004 Terry Quantum AX6 camper. The water feed and return lines were removed from the hot water heater. I need to find out where they used to be? I believe they are routed under the floor kind of in Center of the unit? Any thoughts? Thanks!
Marcel M


Well-known member
Oct 30, 2005
Former fulltimer, Mesquite, TX
I believe they are routed under the floor kind of in Center of the unit?
That is possible but it would mean that they are exposed to possibly freezing weather so couldn't be used in cold weather. If the lines did go under the floor there will be holes through the floor that they once passed through. The cold supply line should come from the water pump and usually has a tee that sends water to the water heater from the line that supplies the sinks. There would then be a water connection near the top of the water heater that goes to the sink and shower. It would be very unlikely for the hot line to go under the floor. If you can post some pictures of what you have it would help,

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
I'll guess by "under the floor" you mean the water lines run through the under belly of the trailer, under the floor boards but still enclosed by the "belly pan", which might be just a waterproof barrier and some insulation. That would be fairly common for the cold water feeder line to the heater bottom inlet but it's more typical for the hot outlet line (the upper outlet on the tank) to lie on top of the floor and go through walls to reach bathroom and galley. Holes through floor or walls would be the obvious giveaway to where they went.

You maybe able to find the other end of the cold water feed line back by the pump - it often Tees from the main cold line there. However, the Tee could be somewhere in the middle within the floor area as well.
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