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Apr 21, 2012
Hi,,, my husband and I are looking for a place to stay in the Corpus Christi Area for one month in March 2013. We haven't been to this area, and are looking for a nice RV park with  WIFI, Pool, and nice cement pads.  It would be nice if it is on the beach, but not a requirement. We would appreciate any input, as well. We will consider going further south into Mission and Brownsville for the perfect park.  We really enjoy state parks for the spaciousness, but can't seem to find anything for a 30 day stay for a monthly rate...Thanks so much for any import, it is really appreciated! Happy Travelling!!!

This is a very nice RV park, but very difficult to get a spot during Spring Break. It's also pretty crazy there at that time as well! If crazy is what you're looking for, you'll have a lot of fun! The whole beach is nothing but one wall young people partying.

When we made plans to visit my brother down there in March, we thought it was too early for spring break. We were wrong!



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South padre island has a KOA park and also a state park (Isla Blanca Park) that are nice. I havent been to the KOA park yet.  Isla Blanca does not have a pool, but does have wifi (extra) and monthly rates.  Its in walking distance to the beach. 

Here is the link to Isla Blanca Park.


hope you have a wonderful time wherever you might stay :)
We are currently at the KOA and it is nice. Great ;D wifi and close to everything on the island. You might be ok in March, not sure about spring break here.
Without a doubt... our vote would be the Isla Blanca County Park at the south end of South Padre Island.  Nearly 600 sites.  Second choice would be the KOA.  Love the water, this is the place to be. :)
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