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Mar 11, 2005
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Many of us have enjoyed the RV Today shows on satellite TV on OLN.? (I know no one around here uses cable? ;D )? I know I enjoy them so much I have recorded more than 50 episodes on DVD and indexed them so I can look up subjects.

Well I ran across another great TV show of interest to RVers like me called "Texas Country Reporter" on RFD TV.? RFD TV is getting a LOT more of our attention now because of the multitude of fascinating rural shows it carries.

TCR has a web site also that can be found at:


Here is a quote off their front page:

"For 33 years Bob Phillips has traveled the backroads and brought back the stories of real Texans - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Texas Country Reporter celebrates the history, emotion and beauty that make Texas and Texans so unique.

Every week you're invited to hop in and travel along with Bob as he reminds us that backroads isn't just a place, it's an attitude. "

Sounds like the attitude we cultivate, don't it?? ?;D

On the web site there are more than 1,000 interesting Texas towns to visit and even addresses and phone numbers of many artisans, crafters, museums, and even bizarre places of interest.? I highly recommend this show to those of us who like to wander the back creeks and eddies of small town America.

This morning I watched an episode of TCR and saw an ad running for some weekly RFD show about the Dakotas, and another one about South Carolina.? So I am doing some detective work with my DVR "find" menu to track these shows down also.? Satellite DVR is becoming a very valuable tool for us in our quest to discover the hidden gems of America.

Anyone know of any other weekly TV shows that are of RVing interest?
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