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Oct 10, 2012
Livermore, Colorado now that we spent all of our money, the kids ignore us because we "bug them," and we like getting away for our own sanity,  :p we just bought a new Jayco Jay Flight Camper Trailer. What's nice is that we live in Colorado and there's some awesome scenery and places to visit. The guy that had this camper before us really juiced it up. He added two solar panels and I found the bill which was close to 2,000 grand. Not too shabby. He also left a nice electric fire-place in it, a few chairs that fold and a T.V and DVD player. I'd like to meet the guy one day and shake his hand. Looks like the bottom is all covered with a heavy black tarp that was screwed on to protect the entire undercarriage as well. We got a great deal on it because of hail damage. So what? A few dents only make it more interesting. Well, I may ask some seriously "stoopid" questions in the future, but I'll try to word them intelligently. Thanks for the welcome to the newbies on this site like us! ~Karen and Al
And remember, in the RV world, a flush always beats a full-house!


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Dec 12, 2008
Where ever we park it!
Welcome Karen and Al.  And don't worry, we were all newbies once. So there are no stupid questions, just ones that need a reasonable answer.  And you are in the right place for that!
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