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Jun 10, 2019
My name is Gigi, I'm from Pittsburgh, PA.   We've gone from camping in an old Chevy Van to a newer Chevy Van to a Starcraft Pop-up, a Salem 21' TT  and now will pick up a shiny, new Rockwood Roo Hybrid this Saturday.  Most of our camping has been done at dog shows.  Some with hook ups, some boondocking. Now that I am Grandma to a cool Grandson, our venues will expand! 

My husband passed away two years ago, so I'll be creating new memories.  Since I was spoiled and my hubby did most of the driving, I'll be scanning the Forum regularly!

Looking Forward to Adventures

"I Hope to Become the Person My Dog Thinks I am "
Hi Gigi, welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, but I'm so glad it didn't stop you from living! You got this! Congrats on your grandson too!
Welcome to the forum Gigi. Sorry for your loss but sounds like fun times ahead.

I'm in PA also, east of Kittanning. Everyone around here says they're "from Pittsburgh" - what part of town are you in?
I'm from O'Hara Township.  We had a camp in Templeton for years.  Lots of good times there!  Woodnoon Store and the ice cream place across, Llama Farm and of course, fishing!

My daughter lives in Monroeville, so that's where my TT will be stored. O'Hara doesn't allow TT to be parked longer than three days.
Welcome to the RV Forum Gigi

Scan the forum to your hearts content....And ask questions as needed. This site has saved me tons of money and time. Not to mention avoiding some of the newbie mistakes.

PS I like your tag line....I just don't set the bar so high ;D
gesele59 said:
I'm from O'Hara Township.

Go right thru there on 28 when I visit my younger daughter. Haven't been to Templeton, sounds nice.
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