The Cedars, Ferndale WA, Great

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ

The Cedars RV Park in Ferndale WA is quite nice.  90% of the sites are pullthrough.  They're building a few dozen more sites that are mainly for big rigs.  Good foresight.  The grocery store in the park office is well stocked, and prices are quite reasonable.  The surrounding area has tons to do, including ferries out of Bellingham, 10 miles south.  Canada's a dozen miles north.  Vacouver's maybe 40 miles.

The thick cedar hedges between the sites provide complete privacy. 

The sites are just grass and dirt where people have killed the grass with mats.  The rain has turned the dirt areas to mud.  That's about the only drawback that I've found.  There's the neatest True Value store down the street that has all sorts of waterproof shoes and boots.  I got some nice clogs that are a must on this wet ground.

Laundry room is large and efficient.  The pool is heated and about twice the size you find in most parks. 

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