The Chicago Bears were what we thought they were.

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Bob Buchanan

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Mar 3, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Smoky said:
'Nuff said.

If you watched the game yesterday you know what I am talkin' about.

Hmmmm. Smoky, yes, I watched "the" game yesterday -- and was pleased that the Niner's' won one . . .  ;) Why would I watch a game involving the Bears? ???

Now, "the" NBA game this evening is the Sacramento Kings first home stand  -- after having to play three roads games that were the season openers for their opponents. They did get 1 out of 3 (beat the Bulls by 1). Unfortunately, the Laker's are 3 and 0. :mad:

And, "the" round ball NCAA game (and most important to me, of course) tonight is the last Kentucky exhibition game before their season opener on 11/15. U of K didn't have such a good recruiting year and lost their best guard to the NBA draft plus a 7'-2" center ousted by bad grades -- plus FL has all returning starters from their NCAA championship team. So it will be tough year for "the" Wildcats in the SEC.


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Mar 10, 2005
Hi Smnoky,

We can put the New England Patriots in the same category. Indy made them look helpless yesterday. Can't remember when (or if) Tom Brady ever threw 4 picks.

A lifelong Colts Fan.


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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
LOL Bernie!  Well I expect them to make the playoffs because they don't have a very tough schedule.  What will be instructive, however, will be to watch them play AFC teams.  Such as the Dolphins.

Woody ... I agree the Colts had their way with the Pats, but the Colts are a tough AFC team.  What I could not understand is why the Pats threw so much.  The Colts are known to have the weakest defense against the run in the AFC, and one of the weakest run defenses for both conferences.  But maybe the Colts showed something in their defense that made Belichick lay off the running game.  They stopped some early runs, but I still can't believe that Belichick didn't do more to use the running game to set up passes.

Bob - Glad your Niners won and OK on the Kings. 

I like the NBA also.  I have always been a Wizards fan, but I have to admit I am enjoying the Suns as well, especially because of that Canadian!  :D  I see he got a haircut this year.  Never could understand how he could be that good with sweaty hair in his eyes.  He is such a joy to watch.  Nonetheless, last year when the Wizards came to town, The Admiral and I went to the Phoenix arena to watch them play and cheered the whole night long for Gilbert Arenas.  We got teased a lot by the fans around us, who chanted "Arenas sucks", but in the end Arenas pulled it out in the final seconds and we watched the Wizards win on the Suns home turf.  Quite an accomplishment and a big Christmas present for us.  We felt very proud walking out after the game among the Suns fans.  We still cheer for the Suns agains any other team.  I just can't seem to get into the Cardinals or the Razorbacks.

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