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Bob Maxwell

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 1, 2005
Holbrook, Arizona
Thank you my friends for being one who prays with others that love and care and whose intercessions bring the warmth that surrounds Bev in her bed and me when I am sitting in the living room alone and the energy to do one more task or make one more trip before stopping and attending to my own survival needs of sleep, prayer, food rest and one more of her smiles.

Bev got her CT and MRI last night. We arrived back home at 11.30. She knew and prepared for the pain she had to endure to get there, on the table, in the painful chairs [no couch in radiology] as we waited 90 minutes between tests. The next scheduled test is the bone scan on Fri the 22nd.

A key test, an ultra sound guided biopsy, awaits the first opening and may have to wait until? A prayer focus for certain!

I learned what the system is that we have to work in order to get Bev?s medical care here in NM.

The Cancer Research and Treatment Center [CRTC] has advanced in medical staff, research scientists and physicians to where it is recognized as being in the upper echelon of the top 50 Cancer Centers in the USA.

It comes with major problems:

Work flow process that are late 1990?s. The Dr. has to take hand written notes and then transcribe them to a transcription center where they are then manually entered into the IS data storage. No capturing data by tablet pc?s in the exam room like in most top flight Cancer Centers and our on primary physicians clinic since ?05 in Bel?n.

No radiology equipment of it?s own for diagnostic purposes. All of the Medical Center uses UNMH radiology. UNMH was designed for 2200 people and now 7200 patients are served. That saves the center capital expense but they cannot apply their skill and knowledge without a diagnosis.

UNMH is the only public hospital in NM. Patients come from all four corners of that state seeking access to medical care including radiology. A tsunami of need arrives fresh every day. They have often waited weeks or months for their appointment. A Cancer Center patient has to take their turn.

God helped me keep on caring for Bev, stay calm and show appreciation to the hard working CTRC staff and make sure the right paper work was competed. All my calls Thursday to LoboCare, CTRC and early Friday to teh Patient Advocates made supervisors force the Dr on Friday morning to come in and dictate his initial Tuesday intake entry notes. They were then transcribed. I was assured by phone that it probably would be finished in time. UNMH promises are well intended and often not kept due to other emergencies or interventions as my experience had revealed. 

I arrived at the CTRC at 1pm and was there to see that the print out of the transcription was hand delivered to the scheduler and then see it hand delivered to the radiology department and then see that it was transmitted to our insurance company.  That took two days of phone calls and four hours of onsite oversight. I begin Monday at 8.30 am on the phone to see that the last test takes place.

Thank you again, my friends. God and you made last night possible.
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