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Aug 19, 2005
Hello one and all........

New to the forum, but not new too RVing.  But I steel enjoy learning all that I can. I posted a link to Florida camping
( www.FloridaCamping.Com ) in the General area. YES, I live and work in the Sunshine State  and have most all of my life. As I grow closer to retirement and the open Road life, I look forward to meeting you somewhere along life's path.  I created a little RV Group in YAHOO Called "RVCROSSROADS".  YES, I'm a deep believer in GOD "JESUS" for some who may not understand what GOD I'm making reference.  The lord has truly blessed our country and it's easy to point out this fact to others by the numbers wanting in.  YES, Our Fathers and Mothers, have left us a wonderful gift and from time to time I wonder what we will turn over to our kids.
I pray every day for all of our Leaders, National, State, local and our young man and women in uniform.  I see our presidents dream slowly comming to life in other parts of the world. I do feel badly for the American Farmers and Ranchers, but when I look at the larger picture I seem to get it, but then I quickly ask myself why are so many still trying to enter if we are giving so much away. Something to think about.  I fly the Flag of our Country "OLD Glory" for some who may be looking up the wrong flag poll. Well I hope you have enjoyed my BIO... I look forward to chatting with one and all soon.

GOD "JESUS" Bless and keep you safe today and always.
RVMAN, From Florida
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