The Passing of Don Jordan

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Laurie and I wish to offer our heartfelt condolences to Betty and the Jordan family. We really enjoyed having Don and Betty stop to visit with us as they passed through our area in their travels.

Don was always a  very considerate and easy going individual who we really like to sit down with and visit. We are glad that we were able to spend some time with him and Betty in June this year.

We will miss his knowledgeable participation in the RVForum discussions.

Chet & Laurie Parks
Nancy & I also send our condolences to Betty Jordan and all the Jordan family. It's always sad to lose a family member, and especially one so well thought of by all.  Don will be long remembered here and we will miss his thoughtful contributions.
Sunday - 2/12/2006

Dear Betty,

Ardra and I both feel your sorrow.  As I write this both eyes are clouded with tears.  While it's sad and it hurts it may be for the best because quality-of-life is more important than length-of-life.  We both send our heartfelt condolances to you.

I cannot help but remember the times I worked with Don on something related to computers, cell phones, or motorhomes.  I loved Don and felt close to him.  We all will miss him dearly.  And, of course there are the many times Don helped me.  He was generous and will be long remembered for that as well as his great smile and laugh.  I could picture, and almost hear, his laughter as I wrote this sentence.

Don was a  keeper and you were lucky to share your lives together.  Look back on the memories and as you rekindle your future life remember Don touched many of us in the most positive ways.

We send all our love and best wishes to you.  We will always remember Don as a great person who shared himself with everybody.

Jerry & Ardra

Let me add my sincere condolences. Because of my newness to the Framily, we spoke only a few times, but that was enough to leave the indelible mark of a man of intellect; wit; candor; and most importantly, caring for his felllow man. He will be missed.

Fondest regards,

What sad news.  Jo and I are glad to have had the privilege of meeting Don, if only on a few occasions.  Our thoughts go out to Betty and the family.

    George Jannini
    JoAnn Greenberg
My sincere condolences as well.

I have enjoyed his friendship since the first centermost rally. He will be missed.
I send my love and best wishes to Betty.
Hi Folks,

Jean and I were truly saddened to learn of the passing of a man I considered a Super Star among the stars.  I had the privilige of meeting Don and Betty on several occassions and treasured the memories of those gatherings.  We, as a community, have lost a tremendous knowledge base shared freely, a true friend and someone to be trusted.  Don's presence in this world truly will be missed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Betty and her family as they endure this great loss.

Best regards,
George & Jean Mullen
Jan and I send our sincere condolences to Betty and the family.  Don was a true gentleman and a pleasure to talk with.  Good memories of Don will always be in the hearts of  forum framily.
Jack and I send heartfelt condolences to Betty and family.  We met Don and Betty at the Centermost Rally in Estes Park, CO. Don Jordan was a faithful and steadfast member of the RV Forum. He shall be missed. 

Jack and Liz Pearce
I am so sorry to hear that Don is no longer with us and so glad I had the privilege of knowing him.

We are really sad. Don  is part of our good souvenirs when we motorhomed North America.
Our sincere condoleances to Betty.

Roger & Chris
We finally got out of the hole in communications and am able to respond to the notice that Tom forwarded to us.

Pat and I were very sorry to hear of Don's passing.? We always enjoyed our time with Don and we will miss him at the forum gatherings.

Our best to Betty and the family.

Our prayers are with all,

Pat & Jim
Dear Betty

You and Don were one of the first Forum members Liliane and I were privileged to meet when we started our American adventure.  He made us feel so welcome, he was a constant source of reliable information - and more than any of that, he was a real nice guy who will be much missed.  Liliiane and I returned from a day out on Australia's Great Barrier Reef a few minutes ago, full of high spirits, which changed to one of great sadness when we read tjhe news from Betty B.

Betty, we will raise a glass to Don, and to you, at dinner tonight - knowing that Don is in a wonderful new RV park, and praying that you have the strength to get through these next months.

Our love to you and the family

Terry and Liliane
Dear Betty,

Judy and I send our prayers and warmest regards to you and your family. Don's expert analysis of issues was second ony to his personal warmth.

All our love,
John and Judy Maguire
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