The saga continues - 34y Sound System adjustment

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Ernie n Tara

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May 16, 2009
Ft Myers, FL

Now that I have the surround working, the challenge is setting the speaker balance, etc. The problem is how do I display the menu for the DVD (surround sys. control)? There should be a combination of settings that displays it (on the front TV?), but it is not stated in any manual; they just assume you can see it.


On my 34Y I believe the surround remote has a button on it that says "sound field".  It is towards the bottom to the left I think.  I'm not in the rig at the moment so I am doing this from memory.
It's an all Samsung system that is rather unique in that it has two LR TV's. Many of the 34y Journeys have this set up and I suspect its a simple thing I'm overlooking.

No joy on  SOUND FIELD. I did manage to get the balance set working blind, bu I'd still like to know how to display the menu.

Glad you got it working by just fiddling around. If I were you, I's Google the make and model. You should be able to download the manual, maybe service manual too. Also you will likely see several posts about things you want to know about your unit.
As I remember, I had to play a DVD on th Surround System then I could view the menu and setup for the audio. The trick was having a DVD in the unit ad the TV set to view the DVD, then ht menu and yoou can see the menu. The book was not very instructive in the DVD portion of the enabling the visibility of the menu.
Hope this helps,


Sarg -no big hurry, I've solved the worst of the problem.

David - thanks for the suggestion; that makes kind of convoluted sense.

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