Thetford Aqua Magic 2 won?t stop running...

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Jul 12, 2018
Howdy all!

We have a Thetford Aqua Magic 2 drool in our new to us living quarters horse trailer.  The first weekend we used it all was well.

This past weekend it decided that when you flush it and release the handle it will keep running water into the bowl.  THANKFULLY we did not leave the trailer and realized it before it overflowed! 

Google research led me to the water control valve, and then the vacuum breaker.  The guy at our local RV place who supplied the parts also felt that the issue would be resolved by these 2 parts.  We did the valves first and the breaker when it didn?t stop.

If you haven?t caught on by now...neither part has fixed the problem.  It is still running when we flush until we shut the pump off and babysit it, clearing water from the bowl until the lines are empty.  Quite obnoxious really, no such thing as a quick trip to the bathroom.

Thoughts? We like 1/3 of the way to the cost of just buying a new toilet...


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May 7, 2015
Western Kentucky
I have the same toilet.  My issue is the foot pedal (flush lever) likes to fall off.  It controls two separate valves.  a forward valve opens and closes the flush ball.  The rear valve opens and closes the water valve.

Even when my foot pedal is connected, it does not completely close the ball or shut off the water without lifting the pedal with my toe.

Try the toe lift.  If that does not work, try removing the pedal and working the valves manually.

BTL, my next purchase will be a new toilet.
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