Thinking about a Trailmanor popup - any comments???

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May 23, 2006
My wife and I are thinking about buying a Trailmanor popup.  We have Forest River popup now, but my wife wants hard sides on the popup.  Looked at the trailmanor, was impressed at the weight and the ease of putting up popup.  Anyone have one or know of pros and cons about the Trailmanor?




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Sep 29, 2006
Jackson, Michigan
We had a Trailmanor 3124KS. It was the best pulling trailer I ever pulled. They open and set up very easy and fast. Also they don't leak water even with all the seems. We were in it close to all the tornado's in Tennessee coming from Fla a couple years ago and the only leak was from the TV antenna around the shaft, not the roof. We got the optional cabinet that hangs on the wall when it was set up. As all the windows are in the top half our dog would sit on the shelf behind the couch so she could see outside.
Now the other side of the story. They are a bit narrower inside (7 & 1/2 feet) than a regular trailer. Also after a lot of rough roads we had some problems with the latches that hold it down coming loose. Also one broke but was easily repaired with a small bolt. It had a bad weld on the rivet. I put some better hardware on holding the latches & solved that problem also. Make sure you understand how the toilet works as it's not a regular flush toilet. It is very easy to dump though.
We now have a Maxlite 29' mostly because we wanted more room for longer stays during the winter. Also I wanted to be able to stop for lunch and a nap once in a while without opening it up. All in all it served us well. We had it out west in the mountains a couple times and to Florida 4 or 5 times. The best thing they have going for them is their customer service. They are absolutely the best people to deal with you'll ever find. I had a crack buy a rivet in the front shield that covers the window and they sent me a new one with no questions asked. Also on the way to Fla. I stopped at their factory in Tenn. to look around. I mentioned a problem with the door not latching correctly and they got 2 guys of the line that were building new ones to come out and fix it.

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