Thinking of Class B but what to get?

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Jul 5, 2024
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We have been reading as much as we can. We interested in knowing what models/manufacturer to look for? Winnebago? Thor? What manufacturers to avoid? We suspect not putting more than 100K miles on it in our lifetime. So less expensive to go with gas vs diesel? We are looking for the good the bad and the ugly.
What we plan on doing is using the camper van as means to comfortably travel from Florida to Cape Cod to visit our daughter as well as visit our other daughter Florida to Texas. We are thinking we like the convenience of having a toilet/bed/shower/etc for these trips...we are figuring around 3 weeks at a time. Drive a week...stay a home a week. Maybe 3-4 times a year or so
You mentioned wanting the convenience of toilet/bed/shower… you did not mention kitchen and dining. Our kitchen takes a HUGE amount of our real estate. Fridge, stovetop, microwave/oven, sink, storage for food and cooking utensils and plates, bowls, cups, etc, etc. And dining space on top all that.
I know some folks think in terms of small because they want to use the RV to tour, visit, shop, etc. But you’d be surprised at how similarly priced class Bs, Cs, and As can be, especially in the used market.
You indicate your interest to be in class B, and that may be perfectly suited for you/your needs, but I would encourage you to at least consider other options.
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A Class B is very crowded. The toilet and water holding tanks are small. And, being stuck in one during a 3 day rain storm is very confining. There is nothing wrong with having a Class B. Lots of owners love their Class B rigs. However, you might also consider a Class C which has more room, amenities, is more comfortable than a Class B. Again, nothing wrong with a Class B. In my youth, I had 2 vans for traveling which I really enjoyed.
I would not consider a Class B a "motorhome". It's more of just an oversize van.
Of course what works for some may not work for others. There's a lot of Bs out there and I have to think that most of their owners evaluated various options and are happy with their purchase.

But, having said that...

My first experience years ago was a trip from NY to GA in a B with a good friend. Something of an eye opener as everything felt so squeezed in and cramped. Fortunately it was a quick trip down/back. I would have been much more comfortable in my old customized VW van!

Having attended a number of RV shows since then I usually at least take a look at the Bs, usually with the same " in...?" reaction. But to be fair, in recent years I have seen some new Bs that seemed to have come a long way. Again not my thing but much more thoughtful, efficient layouts. Not just "jam everything in here we can fine, comfort be damned".

However any wild momentary notion I may have had as to considering that option, was quickly crushed by looking at the price tags! :eek:
If you are looking at Thor Motor Coach, I suggest you look at the comments on the forum devoted to their Class B motorhomes. Class B & B+ Motorhomes - Thor Forums
My favorite quote from that group: "Good luck getting TMC to give a crap. They are like Boeing and could care less if a passenger gets sucked out of the plane.”
In 10 months of ownership, I have found nothing to cause me to disagree.

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