Thor ACE 2016 front turn signal bulb replacement

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Mar 21, 2021
2016 ACE 30.1 (model probably doesn’t matter, year may)
Need to replace a front turn signal bulb. I know I have to access it from behind. The two headlights below the parking/turn signal lights come out easily, a quarter (or is it an eighth?) turn and pull it out. I would expect the parking/turn signal the be the same. Doesn’t seem to be. Neither the left nor the right will turn - in either direction. There is a latch (to keep it from vibrating out) on that one that the headlights don’t seem to have, but pulling or pushing it out of the way doesn’t help.

I probably just need to apply more force, but I’m only willing to do that if I’m pretty sure I’m applying the right force. Anybody know for sure? Should I be turning the same way as the headlights? The opposite way? Doing something else?

Asked this in another foru and the response I got was to call Thor. Just in case things had changed, I called Thor. As expected: "We have no instructions for removing any bulbs."


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Oct 30, 2005
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As expected: "We have no instructions for removing any bulbs."
That is probably what you would get from most RV manufacturers. What you might do is to visit the service department of one of their dealers and talk with one of the techs. They would probably be willing to share with you if they know.


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Sep 9, 2019
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Did you ask in Thor Forums?

I just read a post there of someone who changed the front turning signal bulb of a 2015 Thor Vegas (the lights look similar to those of the Ace model) and he said that he turned it 1/4 in order to pop it out.

Didn't say what direction, though.
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