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New member
Jul 25, 2005
Am considering a 2003 Thor Chateau, but don't know anything about Thor as a builder.? Can anyone tell me if they build a good c-class or not?? Thanks, Joe

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Thor has bought a number of smaller RV manufacturers and is sort of a conglomerate of brands.  Few fulltimers buy any of the Thor brands, but for vacation and holiday use most Thor brands are as good (or bad) as any other.  Unfortunately, quality in the RV industry is not very consistent and most all manufacturers seem to turn out a percentage of lemons.

Chateau used to be a respected brand of Class C but I haven't heard much of anything, pro or con, since they became part of Thor.

I suggest that you consider a used rig for your first one - there are many fine used ones available across the country.  Get your feet wet and, more importantly, learn what is important to you in an RV.  There are lots of tradeoffs to be made when living in a small space and you need to learn wat is important to YOU.  Seemingly little things, like the location of the toilet, the size of the bed or number of cabinets can be major irritants if they do not suit your personal needs.  Once you figure out your wants and needs, you can trade your first rig for the Rv of your dreams.  That won't cost you much with a used rig, but can be tremendously expensive if you started with a new one and want to trade 1-2 years down the road.
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