Thor Fourwinds Class C

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Sep 23, 2018
Hi; just wondering if anyone know of a site that gives an honest review of the Fourwinds Class C motorhome by Thor. Or does anyone have  comments ??


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Oct 3, 2015
North East Tennessee
Welcome to the forum.
We have a '15 Four Winds, 33ft C class. We really like it. The only issue we've had (other than the usual RV issues) is the generator kicking off due to vapor-lock. There's another guy on here with a similar model (Chateau a bit older than ours I think) with similar gen issues. I solved my issue by adding a fuel pump closer to the fuel tank and a fresh air vent to help get cooler air from outside, problem solved. Total cost to me less than $75 (doing everything myself). Before the modification the Gen would only run 45-60 minutes until it shut off, and take an hour or more to cool down enough to restart.
We also usually pull our Jeep Wrangler when traveling. It pulls it fine.
If you want, PM me and I can give you a few things to maybe look for.
I know there is one like ours for sale at a dealer just a few miles from us, I have to wonder if that's the one you're looking at.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
My comments is that it seems to be fairly typical of its type and price class.  Materials, design features and appliances are pretty much in common with its competitors in the same price range, and all RVs vary a lot in individual build quality.  One my be good while the next example is a lemon - hard to predict.

The Ford E450 van chassis under the 28 ft & up models is a solid performer.  I would not recommend the smaller E350 van chassis used in the shorter models, simply because it has less carrying capacity and a C motorhome maxes it out quickly. The shortest models may be ok, though.

I think the Winnebago C's are generally superior and would consider the new Tiffin Class C as well. Maybe a Jayco too.  They probably cost a bit more, though.
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