Thoughts on a 1990 Gulf Stream

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Mar 3, 2013
Toronto, Canada
We are taking the advice we have heard here repeatedly, and starting out used.  Here's one we are looking at this weekend.

The ad:

1990 Gulfstream Sunsport, Gas, 31',  62,826 miles, $14,000.

Awning , Fibreglass Exterior, Window Awning, Fridge with 1 doors,Three Way, Heating, Air Conditioning (Dash), Air Conditioning Units (, AM/FM Cassette , AM/FM CD , Cruise Control, Driver Side Door, Electric Step, Rack and Ladder, Toilet Facilities, Television , 1 Televisions, Gas/Elec Water Heater ,

GM-454 7.4 Liter engine, A/C, Heat, Cruise control Separate Rear Bedroom with double bed (lifts for storage) Kitchen Dinette with Microwave, Refrigerator, Freezer, and 4 Burner Stove Two closets and lots of cabinets and storage space (inside and out) Sleeps 6 Generator Interior Separate shower; External Shower Patio awnings Rear ladder Rear Tow Hitch
What kind of things should we be worrying out, looking out for - when we go to check this out.  We figure already new tires and new mattress, but what else?  Anything we should kick, poke, open, close, etc while we check it out?  And when we do those things - what are we looking for?

Anything that would be a complete deal breaker?

If it doesn't have an overdrive transmission, I'd pass. Not too sure what year they started with the 4l80 trans but it's a must have in my book. Is the engine injected or carbed?
What I've learned in my brief 2 weeks of shopping and being here...  check EVERY nook and cranny, closet, cabinet and orifice for leakage.  Check around the doors and windows.  Check the roof, check the outside bins, turn on and try everything.  Make sure the frig and freezer work, the range and oven (if there is one) the furnace both elec and gas, the ac and the dash ac, the generator.  Check around the shower/bath for leaks.  Check for soft spots in the floor.  Tires, batteries etc.  If it smells musty or moldy, there's a reason.  Open the jackknife bed, make sure the table bed drops down as it should.  Take it for a test drive.  And don't be afraid to ask questions, come back here and ask questions, or even call a dealer with questions.

A wise person here told me that whatever can go wrong with a house or a car can go wrong with a motorhome.  Good luck.  We found ours tonight, used, for us first-timers!
MicheleF said:
1990 Gulfstream Sunsport, Gas, 31',  62,826 miles, $14,000.

Anything that would be a complete deal breaker?
That price....... there are much later model coaches out there at that price point.

During my search lately, I found anything over 15-years-old was beyond my tolerance for aging plastic, rubber, etc.

I set my limit at 2000 but found a deal on a low mileage (19K miles) '98 that I couldn't pass up.

The other thing that I learned is that when people decide to sell their coach, their main objective is usually getting the thing out of their sight (although they will never admit). Selling price is somewhere down the list of priorities. I paid 50% of the asking price on the coach that I bought and I know that there were a few others that I could have done the same. The difference was that this seller agreed to let me take the coach to a mechanic of my choosing and pull the trans pan and have the engine oil analyzed (at my expense of course). The others were not willing to let me do that.

BTW... the oil analysis came back that the engine was still going through "Break-in".

I doubt that I will keep the coach over 3 years but I feel pretty confident that it will not have any major issues.

A 23-year-old coach will have far more deterioration of bushings, plastics etc...... If the engine is not fuel injected. I wouldn't even consider it. If it's a '90 chassis (which is unlikely) it may be FI. If it's and '89 chassis (likely), it probably is carbureted.
My 90 Chevy G30 chassis has TBI (throttle body injectection).

That price does seem a bit high.

We paid $11000 for one 8 years newer with half the miles and like new condition.  Don't be too eager.  There's a lot out there.  We were going to look at this one last evening until we bought HaRVey.
Very high price for the year and manufacturer. The drivetrains in something around 2000 will be updated (both ford and Chevy) and more desirable.
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