Thousand Trails-Orlando Info Request

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Feb 16, 2013
Going to Thousand Trails-Orlnado in a couple months to take the granchildren to Disney WOrld.  This will be our first Thousand Trails getaway after buying the buy 1 get 1 free Zone Pass back in February.  From my understanding of the Zone Pass, your reservation "space" is pretty much guaranteed, but the sites are first come, first served.  Can anyone who has good knowledge of Thousand Trails-Orlando give me insight on where I should be looking for a good 50 amp site?  Thanks to all...
You can view a color-coded map of the Orando preserve on the Thousand Trails web site - it shows what services are available at each site. The map is at

If you haven't already registered to use the site, you can register online using your TT member number and establishing a pin (password).
Thanks Gary.  I just remember comments for some places like Fort Wilderness where the reports are that certain sites are better than others... newer, close to common pedestrian walk areas, close to heavier traffic, close to bus stop, etc.  You might want one of the examples, like near the bus stop, but all of them can mean a higher level of man made noise.  Thanks again.
There is a ENCORE closer to Disney. I think they share with Thousand Trails.  It's on hwy 192 and about 7 miles to Disney. 

Can anyone tell me the proper procedure to cancel a Thousand trails zone pass.  I am unable to use the one I just purchased.
I'm not sure there is anything to cancel. It's good for one year whether it is actually used or not, and I don't think there is any refund for early cancellation.

You can email ELS/Thousand Trails Member Services at [email protected] or call them at  (228) 497-3594

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