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Mar 14, 2005
Our thanks to Bernie & Marlene for bringing us "newbies" to the Happy Trails party on Saturday and telling us about this forum.? I know I'll have questions.? Too busy scarfing down food on Saturday to ask any!!

Sue and Tim,

We enjoyed spending time with you on Saturday.  Glad you liked the food, we usually eat well at our events :)

Ask all the questions you like here.  Most of us here at Happy Trails will be here until the end of the month, and you're always welcome to come up.  You can even bring Bernie and Marlene :)
Tim & Sue,

Welcome to the RV Forum. Glad you found us.  Sam & I enjoyed meeting you at the Happy Trails get together.  Please feel free to join any of the discussions or start a discussion. Ask any questions that mat come up.  Hope you enjoy RVing and this forum as much as we do.
Hi Tim & Sue

Glad to see that you decided to join and not just lurk. Now you can ask all your questions and you will be surprised at how good and how fast the answers will come. Of course, you can always just pop over to our place and ask or call  ;) ;)
Tim & Sue,

Jan and I were pleased to meet you at Russ's Saturday.

Glad to see you will be on the Forum.
BernieD said:
Of course, you can always just pop over to our place and ask or call ;) ;)

Or they can come here for an unbiased opinion :D :D
Tim & Sue,

Glad to see you here on the forum.  Sorry we were unable to be at the party at Russ' this past Saturday where we could have met you, but we'll manage it at one of the other get-togethers down the road.
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