Tires worn on edges

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Nov 3, 2005
We are new Class A owners and new to RV Forum - our coach is a 2005 Mirada has 9,000 miles and the edges of tires look bald.  We have an appt for alignment tomorrow - could the weight beyond back axle cause this wear?  (Both the gas and water tanks are behind the back axle)  Thanks for any input.
What you describe, sounds like under inflation of the front tires.  Have you weighed your coach by wheel to see where your inflation pressures should be?

I think Ron might be on to at least part of the problem. To read the procedure for determining correct tire pressure click the Library button above, select RV How-to's and click Correct tire inflation pressure.
Like Ron mentioned it could be under inflated tires.  If the both the inside and outside edges are worn on the tire most likely it is due to under inflation.  If just one edge of the tire is worn then it is an alignment problem.  As Ron suggested get the coach weighed preferrably each end of each axle and inflate accordingly to the weight specified in the tire manufacturers charts for your tire and tire position.  If unable to get each tire position weighed then at least weigh each axle.  Underinflated tire can ruin a good trip.

It is very slightly possible that both edges wearing early is alingment... However I'm going to go with the majority and suggest you engage in a 3 step program

Step one... Weigh your ride.  Loaded, just as it is when going down the road.  Find a truck scale or a CAT (tm) Scale in your area and weigh each tire (or pare if duals) if possible, or each axel if that's your only option.

Step 2: Visit the tire manafacturer's web site... They should have a chart... Weight to pressure

Step 3: Inflate to the proper pressure for the weight on the tire
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