"To Eternabond or not to Eternabond, that is the question"

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Jul 7, 2006
Was wondering if there are any of you that have done the Eternabond treatment? Question is I have a rounded fiberglass roof  the has a seam that is normally siliconed. The problem being that when I get around the areas where the awning is(bracketry), it seems like it would be difficult to seal it real well. If i use a silicone it seems like it would be a lot better cleaner aplication around a few tight areas. Or is it worth using Eternabond to solve the problem for many years to come. Also is there a source anyone knows that  has the 2" or even smaller version of Eternabond. Gonna need at least 100 ft to do the whole coach. Want to do all the seams everywhere.

Jim Godward

Well-known member
Mar 6, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon
First, I doubt that the seam in question has silicon on it but probably a poly something.  I do have a seam just above the awnings that cannot be sealed with Eternabond and I used a polyurethane, Sikaflex 201 UV for that seam all around the MH.

I have been doing my coach roof with Eternabond and think it is great.  Without seeing the seam that you are talking about it is hard to give advice.  I do have to still use the self-leveling around the various attachments like the air horns, radio antennas etc.

Eternabond is available several places on the internet.  I got mine at Big Rock Supply in IL.  Shop for the best price. 

BTW, I prefer the 4" for the mostly flat seams although I used 2" for about 2/3 of my roof and vents.
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