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Phil Hyde

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Sep 5, 2011
United States
Hi all,

We recently moved to an RV park that has basic cable service.  We are able to get high-speed cable internet, but not digital cable because of the way the signals are routed in the park.

So now I'm left with the decision to get satellite TV, or rely on streaming services to provide our content.

Much of the programming we watch is either OTA (PBS station for the kids) or Netflix.  But there are shows we enjoy, such has numerous HD programs (Velocity channel), and traditional "pay stations" such as HBO.

Our big thing is wanting to time-shift the content so we can watch it after the kids go to bed, or pretty much whenever WE want.  For the non-streaming content, that pretty much means a DVR.

I was all ready to take the dive back into DirecTV, but I see that they now require a 24-month commitment.  So before I do that and invest in equipment, I'd like to see if I might instead get by with a DVR like Tivo.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I had Direct tell me 6 times that they will not, and could not install a service in a motorhome unless it was parked perm.
Even sent out a rude tech. thast walked into my RV said that he could not get a signal so no service, I told hiom I knew of others in the park using Direct and he gave me some lame excuse I was in a hole--NO signal, and then he left.
I went to Camping World and bought a Dish Reciever, then called the number on the box for an account---They said $19.99 a month no problem.
Latrer in tghe day after enjoying TV I checked my charge card using the internet-I was billed for $49.99-Needless to say I called them and wes told by the phone person and two managers that "Because I had bought my reciever from a retail store, I was not able to take a discount". they proceded to offer me a package that was $69.99 @ month.
Needless to say I am watching TV on the park cable and CW refused to take the receiver back because it was electronic.

The case for DirecTV is pretty personal, in our experience. We also live full time in our coach, so it's "our house" and the commitment was not any different than any of the phones or MiFi's. If you are unsure about what you want, though, it's a big deal.

We had AT&T U-Verse prior in the home without wheels and we like all the services, so we were used to a hefty commitment and loved the streaming, something we can no longer do economically. We use Netflix to fill the void, still.

The DVR was the deal breaker for us since we watch almost nothing real time. When we are traveling and enjoying some local color, we don't want to be confined to a hard schedule.

A low budget and DirecTV are almost an oxymoron, but we thoroughly enjoy the flexibility, but we are paying for it. Their customer support for us has been excellent.

We have had DirecTV installed in two coaches in the last two years and had no issues. We also have the DNS so that we get the East coast feed of the major networks.

Larry's problem sounds like a local issue, as I have had equipment installed in both Arkansas and Alabama with a Texas address, not a problem.

If I were part time, though, or limited time, I think I would have a hard time justifying the DirecTV for just the RV. Those are my thoughts, your mileage may vary!

Thanks.  We are not necessarily budget constrained (currently paying for Comcast cable service).  I think you hit the nail on the head, though.  I don't quite know what we want!
We bought a Dish receiver (211K) about 3 years ago at a Winnebago rally in Forest City, IA.  We also bought a VuCube portable dish antenna.  Called Dish and got on a month to month plan.  Never turned it off because we got home and killed the Comcast Cable.  Since have bought a 722k dual DVR box and have changed to a Winegard Traveler dish on the roof.  We use All American Direct Distant to get all the network channels while we are traveling.  While at home 6 months out of the year we bring in the receiver and use a 1000.2 dish (ebay) at the house.  It all costs about the same as cable tv at the house.  Nothing is cheap any more. ;)
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