Toad as a pusher

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Bob Buchanan

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Mar 3, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
While in Gila Bend this week, I saw an interesting use of a tow vehicle. An older Class C pulling what appeared to be a sedan of some kind broke down as it crossed HW85 just before it connects to the 8 freeway. The drive shaft had fallen down and was dragging on the ground.

This caused both lanes N and S to be blocked, with the toad in one lane and the rig in the other. After looking under the rig and seeing the problem, he began unhooking his toad -- and began mumbling that he was concerned about how to get the rig off the road.

Another RVer had stopped to help -- and told him to stop unhooking the Toad, and use it to "push" the rig off the road. He then got in the toad, and while his wife steered the rig, "pushed" it off the road. Not sure of the effect on his toad clutch, but he put it in low and drove very slowly. The grade was uphill but only slightly at that point.

He fixed the drive shaft himself and was soon back on the 8 heading toward Yuma.
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