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Dave M

Sep 25, 2005
All -

I am currently working on my first RV.  I purchased a 1975 Nu Wa, 19 ft, at an auction a few weeks back.  It has been in need of some real TLC.

I went to test the toilet today and was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to work.  A fe minutes later, I check it again and noticed it is leaking near the foot pedals. 

So, obviously I am going to need to fix this but then got to wondering about replacing the whole toilet.  It seems like if I am going to tear in to it, I might as well since this appears tobe the original set up.

Doing some web searchs, there sure seems to be a wide range of availability.  On the low end is the La Toilette for under a hundred bucks.

I have a few questions.  The first being are most of these RV toilets pretty much interchangeable or I am going to run in to specific application issues?

Second, are there major differences between the brands and styles available on the market?

Lastly, my current setup has two pedals, one appears to fill the bowl and the other flushs and partially fills the bowl back.  Do I need to find a new toilet that has the exact same configuration?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Dave M


Jim Dick

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL

I think you'll find most toilets are interchangeable but I would make sure I had the room since some are a different configuration above the floor. The mount should be pretty standard. You do not need to have the same configuration of foot pedals. That is all part of the toilet and they change quite frequently. They went to a two hand lever operation a few years ago and then to a single lever or single foot pedal. Some even have skid mark removers attached which are REALLY handy.


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Mar 3, 2005
Elkhart Lake, WI for the summer. Work at Road Amer

Another thing to consider is whether you want to upgrade to one with a china bowl at this time. More expensive, but much easier to keep clean.

Also, there are both low-profile and high-profile models; about 12" or 17" from mounting base to top of seat, respectively. Sit on your present toilet. If it seems to be the right height to the floor for your feet and legs, measure it and select either low or high profile - whichever comes closest to your measurement.

Gary RV_Wizard

Site Team
Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
The major manufacturers are Sealand and Thetford and they each have several models in various price ranges. All are interchangeable, as far as I know.  Pick whatever model suits you and that you have physical room for. Some of the newer ones are fairly large, similar to residential toilets, whereas older installations like yours often used smaller units.

All of them use a single water supply line regardless of the number of handles/pedals.

There isn't much that goes wrong with a toilet - just the water inlet valve and the gasket that seals it to the drain pipe underneath. Both are easily replaceable. Flush valves usually cost either around $30 or $60, depending on make & type. Yours may have simply loosened up - try tightening the floor mount bolts.

If you don't have the book RV Repair & Maintenance" by Bob Livingstone, I suggest you get it. Has tons of valuable tips on repairs. Its available online or in many Rv stores.


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Mar 5, 2005
near Albuquerque, NM
Dave M,

The only problem I've had with toilets in 10 years of RVing is due to rust.  I have a Thetford toilet in a travel trailer and I used it too often while wearing muddy boots.  The cables that go from the pedals to the valves rusted through so no water would flush and the knife valve would not open.  I don't use that trailer now, but will have to replace the rusted cables before I sell it.

China bowls are nice, but quite heavy.  I'd suggest cleaning your toilet bow *really* well then apply a couple of coats of marine grade wax to the bowl and flat part of the knife valve.  Helps a lot.


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