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Big Mark

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May 16, 2024
NJ / Florida
Hey guys. Wasn't sure where to post this I know some live in the area or about. My Aunt sent me some pictures it wasn't far from her in Beverley Hills Florida and it's on Facebook with a guy chasing it in his boat. But hope all are fine and no damage.
LOL .. yes sir. When I lived in Texas I would do some grilling when there was a tornado warning , sort of my party , I'd put things away in the house to be ready normally it was just stuff blowing through the air , I lived in San Antonio, we'd just put the stuff on the front lawn for neighbors to sort through I'd put my car in the garage cause of the sun roof and the truck would be fine. Just always had to watch for those baseball hails coming down and normally go back out in the yard cause the older dog would come in but my younger , part Shepherd and part Rottweiler, don't know if it was her mix but she'd always try catching the balls. Now she never would play fetch but she chase the hail while yelping as she'd get hit , I'd have to go get her and carry her in. Now she'd chase our big clouds in our nice blue skies too , I'd also get a balloon from the dollar store and send it up on a long string and let her chase it , she loved it. I lived near Randolph Air Force base and our sky was always closed except holiday travel. When they had their maneuvers she'd chase those planes. She was an awsome dog just had her strange habits. If I'd let her she'd chase the tornado. But ya sorry just telling stories now. Think I miss them both , the dog and Texas.

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