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Aug 14, 2018
Thanks for the add folks
I figure something is going to come up where we'll need a community to find answers!
This "The Beast" is our first rig ever! It is a class A 34 foot 1993 Georgie Boy Impulse with a pusher 5.9 ISB Cummings
we've had for nearly 3 months but so far other than a couple quick local jaunts - get emissions, get fuel, get propane . . . . .all we have done was 'freshen up' those items / parts we thought needed updating!
To date we have:
Pulled all old carpet, installed cork flooring on most of floor
Sheet vinyl in toilet pocket
New carpet in bedroom (little strips that is!) and on front raised driver and passenger seat dais' and the entry steps
All lights replaced and or lenses replaced and all interior bulbs changed out to LED
New memory foam mattress! All new bedding!
new memory foam topper for the futon couch
New wallpaper most walls (and frig door panels)
New paint in bedroom
Removed all Formica. The counter top, sink tops, and nightstands.
Installed 1/4 ivory Corina on all the counters
Smart tile on the wall behind kitchen sink and stove
New bathroom sink and faucet,
New kitchen faucet
New bath skylight
New 32 inch flatscreen TV bedroom, (included running some new electric)
New 22 inch flatscreen TV in front overhead console
(I can't believe this unit Actually still had tube tv's and even had a VCR!)
Sewed new curtains for the bedroom and plan to sew new black out curtains  for the front windows
New electric entry step
New backup camera
Installed a turbo boost gauge
Installed transmission oil temp gauge
New Highflow arrow exhaust
New cold air intake
New - All fluids filters completely changed (lots and lots of fluids and filters!)
All new belts and a new idler pulley
New tires
New radiator fan added
New air horn
Serviced the gen set, new filter and oil.
Yesterday we installed a new awning!
Forgot to add . .  repaired the main exhaust fan in the bath! had no power! As of these pictures
By last night all fixed!
Today we started getting down to the nitty gritty upon filling the fresh water tank we think we have a leak?
or possibly could have been overflow? Weather hit us with sudden storm of hail and downpour
(So no time to check this issue in detail yet!)
Next Husband would like to install new injectors! On order but but not yet arrived
Not there yet but getting close!
Ok getting closer-er. I suppose like any 'house' there is always work to be done!


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Dec 21, 2017
Jupiter, FL
Looking great!  Welcome to the Forum!

jlp3b said:
Next Husband would like to install new injectors!

I'd let your current husband do this since he's gone this far.



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Jul 17, 2017
ELeland said:
Looking great!  Welcome to the Forum!

I'd let your current husband do this since he's gone this far.


This is a good point. He already knows a lot about the rig so don't change husband's now. If you do change tell the next one to change the hoses. If the engine is basically in good shape it can go many more miles. A blown hose can trash an engine real quick. Things like a bad alternator or other accessories won't kill the engine but a small $10 hose can. Also check the intake system so you don't dust the engine. Belts, hoses etc are all age related items.

You did a great job so far, that ole girl is looking clean. I also have an older rig which I hope to get a few more years out of and make my cost basis dirt cheap.


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Aug 14, 2018
ROFL I really should work on adjectives!
;D ;D ;D
Next, [my] current husband will install new injectors, which by the way, arrived today! :p
It should be simple enough little of my own help should be needed  . . 
And yeah I sorta like that he will be doing most of the driving, so . . . I suppose being that useful just might be best to keep him around!
Besides I have other chores to do on my own tuit list! 
Oh and did I forget to mention hoses?? oh yes lines and lines and hoses and gaskets and banjo gaskets!! You know fuel banjo gaskets looks like they had, had a pinhole leak for ages!
that the auto parts stores and even the young guy out at Cummins just shook his head even with engine number!
Thankfully I was determined and found a guy out there that knew more than computers and said "wasn't a Cummin's gasket made he was able to match even without numbers!" He was right! As my fingers flew on my pad and he disappeared back in the racks and racks of parts . . we came up with the same parts! YAY! That was a very tiring day!
Now, my husband says that it looks like we have at least 60% friction material on the brakes  . . But no part numbers and one shouldn't wait until you are in need to have new brakes handy! Not to mention new master cylinder! He says once again this is a 25 year old rig and you probably can not just walk into any parts sort to grab one! To that's probably tomorrow on my hunt up list!
Lordy as we both work and have lived together 24/7 for more than 4.5 decades!
The first 7 years were just tough! The second 7 years  well you know the breaking in period
The 7 years boundarys figured out . .
By the 4 set of 7 years you just say
"aww screw it, I'm sure as heck not breaking in anyone new now! ! ! "
Now I won't say exactly which of us finds these points to be so true!

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Methinks your husband was looking for a new project more than for an RV.  ;)  You two have invested far more effort and money in that old girl than makes any real sense, so it has to be a labor of love.  At least by now he knows the rig inside out and the condition of everything!

I'm guessing this coach has one of the old John Deere or Oshkosh diesel chassis?.  Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation bought them up  and can often help out on tech problems or at least parts identification.  FCCC customer service is at 1-800-FTL-HELP 24/7. Have the last 6 digits of the VIN handy if you call.

In any case, it's time to cut back on the home improvements and go camping!  Best of luck!


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Jul 17, 2017
(By the 4 set of 7 years you just say
"aww screw it, I'm sure as heck not breaking in anyone new now! ! ! "
Now I won't say exactly which of us finds these points to be so true)

Not sure what you women say but guys say this:
"It's cheaper to keeper". :)


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Feb 22, 2016
Hi and welcome to the forum.  You guys have done a great job, that RV looks wonderful.  Hope you are going out on some nice trips to enjoy it!  Safe travels.  :D
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