Tow vehicle recommendation? Budget: 4-5K

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Jul 16, 2018
Left coast

On a budget here.  I am hoping to get some recommendations for a tow vehicle in the $4000-5000 range.

Going to be towing a small more than 20 feet...probably shorter.  So, not a ton of weight.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

This is a tall order, my best suggestion would be a 10-15 year old 1/2 ton pickup truck or truck frame SUV (I would say 3/4 ton, but those would be much harder to find on this budget), preferably one that was lightly used by someone that did not really need a pickup truck to haul stuff.  A quick look at the online classifieds in my area shows a 2006 F150 with 5.4L engine and 155,000 miles with an asking price of $5,500, an 07 Ford Expedition with 5.4L at 180,000 for $5995, an 04 Chevy Suburban with 175,000 for $5,500, etc.  There were also a few similar vintage trucks for under $5,000, but all were very high mileage (close to 300,000, which I consider a bit much for a gas engine truck).  Of course all of the above are asking prices, so there is probably room for 15-20% off with negotiation, assuming you have cash in hand.
Awesome...this is pretty much exactly what I figured I'd be looking for...good to have some sort of confirmation.

Really great info and thanks for taking the time!!!

Going to be towing a small more than 20 feet...probably shorter.  So, not a ton of weight.
Actually it is a TON of weight. More like 2-3 tons, in fact.  You need a large SUV or a pick-up. To stay in budget, about 15 years old.
I have a 21' trailer, no slides, and my 2005 YukonXL just does ok with it.  Do you want a pick up , or SUV as your daily driver? From your screen-name, a pick-up might be the better choice.  I'd find a solid older v8  pickup and you should be good. 
^^ I was about the suggest the same thing... don't count out a large SUV. It needs to be a model with a long wheelbase (Suburban, Yukon XL, Excursion, or Expedition EL), not the shorter Tahoe, Yukon, or Expedition that would be too squirrely with a travel trailer. Many of them have been family vehicles, and may perhaps be in better overall shape for that reason... versus a work truck for instance.

I paid within your budget for my 1995 Suburban 2500 a few years ago, in great shape babied by its first owner (I am the second) with 98k miles and not a spot of rust. It has required the maintenance and repairs typical of a 20+yo truck, but overall has been the best bargain I've probably ever had in a vehicle, considering how much diverse use I've gotten out of it. Gas mileage is universally horrible, but that's to be expected on anything heavy with a giant engine and gears.
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