Towing a Honda Fit

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Ray D

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Jun 4, 2006
Boise, Idaho
The Honda Fit was one of the vehicles Honda claimed was towable, without mods, while I was still looking, recently. So, I went to the local dealer to look at one, about a month ago. They gave me very little salestalk. Basically, I was told that if I wanted one, I should make a deposit, and when my turn came up, I could have the next one. I was told that the list was fairly long and it would be a while! If I wanted a particular color or set of accessories, it would be longer!

So, my question is "Do you have a particular Fit that you can buy, at this time?" (Just curious.)

Oh yes, and the selling price was MSRP + $2,000 +/- !  Have you checked that out?

BTW, one of the folks who know what they are talking about will be along soon, to answer your question.

Ray D
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