Towing Advice - How Big is Too Big?

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Jan 17, 2006
Although I have driven vehicles towing trailers, I do not have a lot of experience with larger units.  I have an f350 superduty with 6.0 L diesel so not feeling limited there but am trying to get an idea of what people are comfortable with. 

I have started looking at travel trailers that the wife and I could be comfortable in for a few weeks  at a time and was hoping to stay in the 28' to 30' range, however, floorplans we seem to favor are around 33' to 34'.  The difference in weight seems to be about 1000 #'s. Does anyone have input as to whether this is a significant difference in driving performance?


Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
The difference between the lengths will not be much except on campground roads and getting in and out of sites.  The big controlling factor in handling will be in trailer weight vs. the tow rating of your truck.  As you crowd the limits the handling problems will multiply.

Frank B

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Apr 23, 2005
Calgary, Alberta

Remember as well that if you are traveiing in the summer months mostly, then you will be outdoors a lot of the time.  You may be able to cut way back on 'liviing room' and still be comfortable for a few weeks at a time.  We find that we spend most of our time under the awning rather than inside on a sofa.



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Dec 6, 2005
Memphis TN
Welcome Larry. We started the same but looking at Fifth Wheel trailers. As far as how big is too big? We ended up with a 36' (actually 37' rear bumper to pin) Fifth Wheel. When we go out, it is usually for at least a week, sometimes more. We had looked at smaller units (30' to 34'), but quickly saw that they could become confining very quickly. It's heavy (13K with a 2500Lb Pin weight empty), but it's a dream to pull. We also pull with a F350 DRW Crew Cab. It also has the tow boss package (13,000 GVW / 26,000 GCWR) with 4:30LS rear end. Milage is nothing to write home about even without the trailer, but our last major trip was between Memphis TN and Austin TX, and we averaged just over 11MPG going, and 12MPG+ coming back (had the O rings on 2 injectors replaced - big difference in power).

Best advice go as big as you feel you will be comfortable with, and go with it. That is what my wife and I did, and we are not at all unhappy with the results.

Larry P
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