Towing after RV has been sitting for a long time.

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Lake James Camper

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Jul 12, 2018
We are buying a brand new RV and selling our old one. We bought the old one on the current seasonal site 4 years ago and have never moved it except to pull it out of the site the other day. It had set 2 years prior to that for a total about 6 years.  Should we be aware of any possible issues towing on the road after setting for so long??  The tires weren?t not low and look to be in very good shape.
Check the date code on the tires that will give a better idea of the shape they are in.
I'd also check the brakes and wiring something may have found it tasty.
How far will you be towing it?  A few tens of miles is one thing, preparing it for a major trip is something else.

RV tires typically sit more than they're driven, so they age out before they wear out.  Rubber has to flex to release the compounds that keep it soft and flexible.  Sitting for a long time has likely left the tires stiff and brittle.

Wheel bearings are another issue.  Again, they need to turn to distribute the grease evenly over the working surfaces.

If you're only going a relatively short distance, I'd take it slow for the first few miles to let everything get used to moving again.  Then stay at moderate speeds for the remainder of the journey.

If you're preparing to take it on a major trip, I'd repack the wheel bearings and replace the tires if they're more than 5-6 years old.
  Two of the worst things on tires.....UV and ?non? use! ?Even if? the tires are safe by date....probably should consider replacement.
  Other items of concern....ascertain the condition of wiring (lights, brakes), and make certain that the brakes actually work.
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I guess the main question should be to the OP is how far do you plan on towing this RV?

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