Towing with RM3477 roadmaster Dolly

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Jun 30, 2010
Waco, TX
I have recently made several trips using a new RM3477 roadmaster dolly towing my 2006 Pontiac G6 for a total of about 5000 miles.
At the end of this I have noted two things.
1. one tire has flat spot reason unknown :(. the other tire is OK. the tire will probably have to be replaced soon.
2. there is now damaged paint of both sides of the toad about where the dolly fenders would impact if turn was very extreme :mad:.
Has anyone else experienced any similar problems?
Am I doing something incorrectly :-\?
I do not want to use equipment that is going to cause damage nor do I wish to use equipment that damages itself (tire).
The dolly and the brake controller were bought new at Camping World in May.

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Feb 2, 2005
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BobNSam hasn't been here since February 2019, so probably won't respond. But if you have questions, go ahead and ask and maybe somebody else can help.

The most common cause of vehicle side damage is not locking the steering wheel when required (or vice versa). There are, however, limits on how wide a vehicle can be and still ride a dolly ok.The Roadmaster manual should state that.


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Mar 15, 2021
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Check your dolly manual for minimum fender distance to outer sides of your car. Insufficient width/clearance will cause toad rubbing in a turn. If sufficient, something else is occurring.

On-line specs for your dolly indicates the dolly pan swivels only 9 degrees in a turn. That Seems insufficient but if your turn exceeds what is allowed for the swivel pan, that could be creating the rub.

You did not say if tire wear was front or back. If wear is on a rear tire, dragging the rear tires through a turn rather than tracking is the problem.

The swivel pan does the "steering wheel work" during a turn. Strap the wheel, lock the steering, and go. Take your rig to a parking lot. Have someone watch as you make slow turns while checking for rubbing or dragging.

Make sure your dolly tire pressure is correct. Check it often. If you are dragging a tire making a turn with low tire pressure it's going to make a flat spot more pronounced.
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Jun 14, 2018
Fender damage and fender to vehicle contact is primarily caused by exceeding the max turn radius. The radius will be different for each set up and may vary some on the same set up if the vehicle is not loaded on center.

Tires showing abnormal wear will mostly be due to improper inflation. Proper inflation will vary by the weight of the vehicle being towed. It takes some time and experience to get tires on the dolly inflated properly for a specific vehicle. Weight determines proper inflation.

Other things to consider is a bad or old tire. Possibly bad road that caused the dolly to pogo some and distort a tire. The dolly has no suspension so the tires are the only offering of cushion.
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