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Maybe they are referring to the sending unit batteries, but her is what I read on the Camping World ad: 
Detect leaks and temperature variances swiftly and reliably
Theft-resistant--special installation wrenches included
Last up to 5 years
No transmission when pressure is zero, to extend battery life
Easy to remove during seasonal storage to extend battery life
Just ordered the 507 system with 10 sensors for $499.  Two year warranty and extra O rings.  I went with the regular sensors vs. the flow through based on comments on the size of the flow through and looking at my wheels.  Will be the end of Feb before I take a trip with these but will provide feedback on the system at that time.  We have three large trips scheduled this year for over 10K miles so I expect to get a lot of use out of them.  Thanks to everyone on their input in helping me decide on a system.

On a side issue, we are going to be spending a week on the TX coast at the end of Feb.  Expect to get a lot of salt from the gulf.  I plan to use a Blue Beacon wash on the way home.  I will also provide my impressions on their service.
Update on 507 system with 10 sensors.

I ordered the system over the phone.  Received an email acknowledgement of charges that day but no shipping info.  After 1 week with no info, I sent an email to Dan Covington asking for shipping info.  As a result of the email, they shipped that day and I received an UPS tracking notification.  System arrived about 5 days later.

Monitor settings were easy.  Sensor installed easily (although the security key slips off the sensor if you don't hold it tight against the body of the sensor).  I heard the air release on some sensors but not others.  Once the monitor is turned off, it takes a couple of minutes for the monitor to reacquire all sensors.  Did not have the CRV with me so only installed on MH at this time.

I took a ride from Boerne TX to Kerrville TX (combination of flat and hills) to run the MH, exercise the generator, and test the TST system.  It was around noon and temp about 70.

I am running on 245/75R-22.5 Toyo tires.  Max air inflation is 110.  Based on weight tables and my weight, I should be running around 85 PSI.  To adjust for weight diff side to side and safety, I was setting PSI at 95 target.  I sent the TST monitor range at 122 high and 85 low.  I left the temp at default 158.  Using a digital gauge, I set pressure on all tires at 96 (figuring I might lose one pound during installation of sensors).  Once activated, all sensors read 96 except one which read 95.  Tire temps before moving ranged from 67 to 72.

The monitor comes with a suction mount (which I didn't have with me) and a base that can be attached with provided dual-sided tape.  I set my monitor and base to the right down on the drink holder.  Had no trouble reading it but it was shaded the entire time.  I will probably use the suction mount and attach it to the dash above the gauges so the monitor is in the middle and just above the top of the steering wheel.

During the trip, the PSI and temps gradually went up.  Front tires stabilized at 109-110 PSI and 71-73 temp.  Duals stabilized at 109-110 PSI.  Max temp on duals ranged from 77-84.  The largest difference between duals on the same side was 4 degrees with the inner dual being cooler.  When I parked and took a final reading, PSI on all tires was within a pound.  Temp on front were within a degree of each other.  Temp of duals within 2 degrees of each other.

Plan a 500 mile trip later this month where I will be able to give the system a better check.  But so far, very impressed with the ease of setup and accuracy of system.  I particularly like the fact that the monitor has a rechargeable battery and can be operated with the optional hard wiring or 12V charger.
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