Trail Cruiser much lighter than other ultralites. Why?

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Nov 17, 2006
North Georgia
Does anyone know why the Trail Cruisers are so light? 

For example, the 26' Tral Cruiser is 3400lbs UVW,
whereas a 26' Trail Lite is 4100lbs.
Jay Feather 25z is 4600lbs.
26' Surveyor: 4300lbs.
26' Max Lite ~4300lbs.

Trail Cruiser is 700-1200lbs lighter than others.
Do you know of any reported structural/durability issues with the Trail Cruiser?

Thanks, -Eric


Apr 5, 2006
Dear Eric,

We have a '04 Trail Cruiser 21RB. We have never had it weighed but it is not much of a challenge to tow behind my Ram 2500. So far the quality of construction and materials has proven adequate. That is to say we are in our 50's without children or pets and are careful to not nick or scratch the photo veneer casework; we have done some modifications to the unit to make it more durable(Plexiglas on the walls behind the sinks and around the stove);as well as having done some modifications to make it more comfortable(accumulator tank on the water pump). We have had to reseal most of the roof penetrations this year(I notices crack in the sealant so I removed the old and resealed). I have painted the frame to prevent rusting, added a 6" sewer hose holder(the bumper holder is tight with fittings on the hose), added shelves to storage areas, and more. They are not unique problems or modifications to TC but rather maintenance and/or changes made to make it fit out lifestyle.

A great source of information on R-vision (Trail Cruiser, Trail Bay, etc.) is the R-Vision Forum Join the group and read the discussion areas. A great source of information.

We have had our TC only 2 years and have only pulled it ~6,000 miles. It was a test to determine if we(my wife) would like this type of camping. WE LOVE IT!! and are thinking about moving up to a  5th wheel unit so that we can accommodate our changing sleep habits.

Please check out the R-Vision forum. Questions are always welcome.

Wanderlost(OK I'll ask where we are)


Jim Godward

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Mar 6, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon
Just a thought.

Years ago we had a SeaBreeze MH with the photo cabinet coverings .  I found that I could paint the coverings with a clear polyurethane, I used a satin finish, that protected it very well.  Be sure to chek in a out of sight area before charging in an covering a visible surface to assure it does not damage anything. 

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