Trailer hot water heater noise in front?

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Jan 25, 2006
We are in the market for a new trailer.  We actually found a model that we like a lot.  It has everything that we are looking for at a decent price.  The only thing is the DSI gas hot water heater (no electric) is located in the front (where we would sit under the awning).  I am used to having it in the back.  Do any of you out there have a front water heater?  Is the occasional (noise) running of it annoying or is it no big deal?  It seems like a minor concern based on how much we like the trailer.  Just wanted some feedback before we make a final decission.   

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Yes, a gas water heater is noisy and irritating if near by.  I prefer to have the heater on the other side, away from the patio.

Can't you have the heater upgraded to an gas/electric model?  If not, you could add a "Hott Rod" or similar  electric heating device. It's a simple install (threads into the drain opening and you connects the wires to a 110V source wherever you can find one. Could even put a plug on the wires and simply plug to an extension cord if you want to use it.  A Hott Rod is around $90 in Rv stores, I think, but there are other brands you can mail order for around $50.

Found the Lightening Rod at CW for $90 -,13&prodID=5159
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