Trailer Mirrors (for Tundra)?

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Feb 19, 2013

I went truck shopping today, going to the dealer first. I liked the trucks and particularly liked the fact that they had a 4WD that wasn't all raised up with big ATV tires on it. They had a pretty basic 4WD with the 5.7 V8 and the tow package. Good job Toyota!

Anyhow, one thing that came up - because I asked about it - was the issue of mirrors. Even though the truck I looked at had a tow package, the mirrors didn't seem special. Apparently, if you want different mirrors, the truck has to be special ordered or the warranty will be voided (for just the mirror, presumably).

This is not an issue I expected to run into. What do folks think about this? And if I'm towing a Jay Feather trailer, how far out do my mirrors need to be? Would another option be some sort of aftermarket camera arrangement? Might be better on gas mileage when I'm not RVing as well.

BTW, I looked at the used market for Tundras on AutoTrader after our visit to the dealer, and was rather shocked by the high prices. At the prices I saw, I can't understand why anyone would buy used at all. Is this normal? It happened to me the same way when I bought my Pathfinder 12 years ago, but I thought it was an anomaly of the market timing at the point in time.

- Andy
Toyota has one of the highest resale values! So buy NEW!

As for mirrors - I tow my small 5th wheel with standard mirrors, I did add one of those small circular convex mirrors that glue on and it is more than adequate for my needs. There are also clip ons that work pretty well, you can clip them on when backing up and remove them when traveling, going forward you don't really need to see the whole trailer....backing into a tight campsight is when you really need the wide mirrors.

I just get out and draw a line on the ground that I can follow into the spot, works well. And I also stop frequently when alone and get out as I am backing up to check on things...takes me a few more minutes, but I am camping, damn sure not in a hurry anymore, I'm retired!

I am surprised that the "tow package" doesn't include larger mirrors - shame on Toyota!

Good Luck!

Andy, do a search for CIPA towing mirrors. I've used them on 2 previous trucks and was very happy with them. They are easy on & off and fairly inexpensive. It will give you a much better field of vision than your standard mirrors.

FYI, the towing mirrors were an extra item with my current truck, too. Did not come with the towing package.
When I bought my new Toyota Tundra tow package it didn?t come with the big mirrors so I told them to through in the big mirrors and running boards and I?ll buy it, they jumped on it. After all the rebates and the sales that was going on at that time the truck cost me a lot less than the used trucks, so why buy used? Make sure you check the tires mine had P 4 ply and I changed them for LT 10 ply and I also put air bags on. Love my Toyota and it pulls my Cougar 25RLSWE with plenty of power. The mirrors do not have anything to do with the warranty.
My 2012 tundra has the tow mirrors that just pull out to extend. They work great for my enclosed trailer as well as my tt. I thought they were standard with the tow package but I guess maybe the dealer added them on himself. Anyway glad they are on it , very handy after having several trucks with no tow mirrors.
We used McKesh mirrors for years and they were fantastic (no vibrations). Give them a look too. Lots of folks sell these online when they are no longer towing, so you might get a good deal on Craigslist or similar.

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