Travel Channel RV Show Shooting - Anyone in Central Coast CA 12/3?

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Sep 27, 2005
Hi, all --

I'm a producer on a show for the Travel Channel called "My RV Life," and we will be shooting our pilot episode in Pismo Beach this weeked, Dec. 3rd and 4th.

We will be driving up the coast on Saturday with two newlywed couples in their RVs and would like to get a couple of shots of a "wagon train" type caravan -- we're looking for a few folks who can meet us in Ventura at around 11:00 and drive up the coast with us to at least Santa Barbara or so. In addition to being on national TV, we'll buy you a delicious plate of barbecue (or the lunch of your choice) at the Far Western Tavern in Santa Maria :) .

If anyone would like to be on TV, please give me a call at (213) 351-5194.


Heather Mitchell
Associate Producer
"My RV Life"
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