Travel from Lake Placid, NY to Contoocook, NH

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Jul 27, 2019
Hi all
My AAA trip tik is taking me down 9n to 22 into VT then route 4 to 89
Is this an ok road to take my travel trailer?
I am a new rv tower and want easy, safe way
thank you for any suggestions


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Mar 13, 2009
I don't know but better check it out.

A number of years ago planning a trip thru the California Gold Country on Hwy 49.  I noticed an anomaly ~ AAA instead of routing me from Sonora,Ca thru Columbia Ghost town,CA ~AAA Trip Itinerary routed from Sonora,Ca thru Columbia,NC for an additional 2 days and a couple of thousand miles. plus fuel costs. Never had anyone route my trips since that time.  That was way before GPS ~ Just glad Daddy taught me how to read maps.

JM2?  ~~  YMMV


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Nov 15, 2015
Colorado Plains
Getting TO 9N is where you'll have the problem. The road to Keene has some pretty significant 6% and up grades to deal with.
If you're a novice, you may prefer to take the long route north on 86 to Keeseville, and back down.



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Apr 24, 2016
9N is not too bad, some ups and downs but not scary.  Its kind of 6 of one /half dozen of the other for taking 9N or 86 east, probably less then 10 miles difference.  Don't know if you're planning to spend time in Vermont along the Rt. 4 corridor, it is nice. But if I were heading to New Hampshire from Lake Placid and wanted a direct route, I'd take the ferry across Lake Champlain @ Essex NY and go north for a bit to I89 south. Just depends on if you want to cruise and relax or get there a bit quicker on main roads.  Either way is nice, just be safe and have fun.
BTW, you probably know but the Ironman Triathalon is going on today in Lake Placid and its a zoo there with lots of road closures.
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