Travel trailer axle issues

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Jul 23, 2018
I need some help figuring out my bent axle problem. We own a 2013 Jayco 28 DSBH. 2 years ago coming back from Wyoming to Illinois, we had 2 blow outs in the same day. Been pulling a trailer since 02 and never had this problem before. Needless to say that turned out to be a stressful trip. Bought new tires and almost made it home before we noticed that one of the front tires was wearing on the inside to the point where we swapped it out for the spare. After getting home I inspected the axles to find that the rear axle was now straight so we were having a camber issue. Of course we had to purchase new tires and the tire guy said the tires were 4 years old and should have been replaced already. At that time we probably had 6500 miles or so on the camper and the tires looked in great shape so I wouldn't have thought anything of it until the blowouts. Tire pressure always checked, tread wear even, then 2 blowouts in the same day. So before I go any farther with repair I'm checking weights, tire load ratings hitch height and anything else that could effect a bent axle. 7500 gvw, load c tires and right away I'm thinking the tires are underrated so I call the manufacturer. They said no and if I needed more info contact Dexter. Dexter customer service tells me that the manufacturer always subtracts the hitch weight in the calculation so the scale tells me 850# tongue weight and 6850 gross weight. 3500# axles so just under the limit for the gvw. So I replaced the rear axle with a new one which was almost 2" higher in the center so definitely bent. Checked the ride height once again, level. Last year we took a trip to Colorado with no apparent issues. Now I'm finding that the rear axle is now straight again and we are experiencing tire wear on the inside tire. We have a weight distribution hitch. We don't pull the camper with the nose up, as close to level at all times. Will the weight distribution hitch being to tight cause this. We have very little in the camper and most of the weight is in the front, never travel with water in the tanks. This particular camper has the wide axle spacing which is supposed to give you better handling, I'm grasping at straws here trying to understand what the problem is. My next step is to check all the bushings to see if they are worn before I adjust the new axle. Should I adjust my hitch to a more nose down attitude, wouldn't that just put more stress on the front axle then, any help from anyone would be appreciated.

Rene T

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May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
I would shop around and find someone who can realign your axles. Typically a tractor trailer truck place. If they don't, they may know a place that does. I had tires wearing bad also and I had them aligned at a place in FL called Tampa springs. That was 3 years ago and never had an issue since. They bend them to get the correct camber and toe.
If you do find someone. Have them do it with a loaded trailer just as if you were going camping. I even filled my tanks almost all the way.


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May 14, 2013
I don't like the spread axle design, too much tire scrubbing and not as good at equalizing weight.  Since there is little that you can to fix this nonsense, you can improve the reliability a lot.  I tossed everything below the frame, springs, axles, brakes, wheels and tires.  Then I added homemade cross members similar to X-Factor. and shocks. I used higher rated parts than the original junk typically supplied.

I had frame cracks, sagging and broken springs and bent pathetic axles.  Since all the upgrades, the only issues have been brake magnet wear and failure of cheap Chinese bearings.  Bearings were replaced with USA made Timkens and no more issues.

Unless you do a complete housecleaning, the reliability will always be suspect.
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