Traveling from Vermont to Atlanta area

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Aug 24, 2019
Does anyone have some advise on a route to take that avoids the major cities going to Atlanta area from Vermont?
Shoot over around Albany down I 88 to I 81 to I 77 to I 85.
Charlotte and Atlanta are the only 2 big cities and you don't even go thru Charlotte.
  81 is a pretty nice drive from Pa line to 77
      As long as it was not snowing, we always go over to I 81, and down as recommended, but I will say that there is a long steep climb and descent over the Blue Ridge Mountains between the I 81 and Charlotte.  If that concerns you, or if you hit the fog that often occurs in that area, you could stay on I 81, which joins I 75, which will take to to Atlanta from the north.
      We have often boondocked at the Flying J at Fort Chiswell which is located about a mile from the juncture of I 81 and I 77.

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