Traveling in New Mexico ... Recommended RV Parks?

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Mar 11, 2006
My family will be traveling north from El Paso, TX to Colorado Springs.  This will be our first long term trip in the TT we purchased late last year.  We have a 27ft TT and a 2001 Suburban TV.  We were planning on making stops in Elephant Butte, Albuquerque, Farmington, and Santa Fe.  Any recommended RV parks in those areas?  We've been researching on the internet but got a bit dissappointed after looking for parks in Albuquerque.  Ideally ammenities we are looking for include free Wifi and cable and would like to pay no more than 30 per night.  Being newbies though we would appreciate ANY suggestions, recommendations, and advice.

Thanks in advance.
There is a current discussion on a list of 500 CGs with free wifi.
Here is an example from the list:
Albuquerque Central KOA
12400 Skyline Road NE
35.0724 (latitude)
505 296 2729

12 miles N of Santa Fe is the best mexican restuarant you will ever experience. Unfortunately, I am blocking on the name... There si a discussion on this also, within the last week.
We are currently at the Railside RV Ranch in Williams, AZ (which I highly recommend - friendliest park owners I have ever met!!) and I asked the owner and he recommended American RV Park in Albuquerque.? He says it over looks the city of Albuquerque.? Hope this helps.

I would also recommend Enchanted Trails RV park, which is on the hilltop overlooking Albuquerque on the West side.  Camping World is right next door too, if you want to lighten your wallet.  8)  I think American RV Park is closer to the downtown area, though. I haven't stayed there, but it looks like s nice place.  We use Enchanted Trails because it is a Passport America Park (50% discount).
Thanks for the advice ... much appreaciated.

We've decided on skipping Albuquerque altogether and head straight for Farmington.  We've made reservations in Cedar Creek RV Park ... seems to have all the ammenities we're looking for.  Anyone had any problems with this park?

Thanks again for the input.
We stayed at Dad's RV Park in Farmington. Nothing fancy but he did have an awesome train museum.

Also, Navajo Lake is great and out in the boonies, has electric but probably has no WiFi.
It has been awhile, but Elephant Butte State Park was great last time I was there. After that visit someone else was griping about one of the private places, and I couldn't imagine anyone chosing that over the SP. No rec-room or any of that, but the sites were very nice and roomy. Didn't go in the water, but the beach was also very pleasant (it was winter-time).
Regards from Memphis
Thanks for all the responses.

Turns out we stayed at the Elephant Butte Lake State Park.  Great view and access to the lake.  Water and electricity were only 14 per night.  You could pay an extra 4 for full hookups but not necessary for us since we only stayed two nights.

Currently, we are staying in Albuquerque's Stagecoach RV Park on the far north side of the city.  Great place ... lots of ammenities.  I highly recommend it for anyone passing through.  They charge 29 per night and the only bad thing is they chard 2 per child independent of age.

Will be heading to Farmington.  Will keep the board updated with what we find nearby.

Thanks again.

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